Instant Website  Sales Creator

Instant Website Sales Creator

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Attention: Pros Want It, Newcomers Need It and You Can Get it.... Here’s… “The $1 Million Website Creator" “Here’s how to “steal smart” and start stacking cash like a money hungry ex-wife” ***** Myth: Creating websites is expensive Fact: It can be done for under $7.67 and I will show you how ***** Myth: Creating websites takes days, even weeks Fact: You can do it in under 17 minutes ***** Myth: Creating websites is something only “techies” can do Fact: If you can use a keyboard and mouse you can create websites. A One Page Sales Letter Website Can Make You a Fortune The reason? The why? Simple: it works. Pick up any book on direct mail and you will discover sales letters that have made millions. Announcing: The Sales Letter Theme for WordPress Here is how it works: 1. Buy a domain name 2. Set up hosting 3. Install WordPress 4. Upload The Sales Letter Theme Important… If you have never set up a website before please do not worry or be concerned in any way. This is quicker and easier than you might think. Like I said earlier: you do not have to be a “techy” to set up a website. If You Can Use a Keyboard and Mouse You Have What It Takes to Succeed Online. Fast-track your way to online success with a theme that’s ready to go from the moment you upload it. You have push-button convenience. You have the fastest way to create online sales letters – ever. You have… Full Instructions Guiding You Every Click of the Way.
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 November 8, 2010
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