Giving Away Freebies


You can give your products away for Free with our service. Giving away Free Products is a great way to get your Product out to the Masses.

For example, you can give away a FREE Version of your software or Guide, thus giving the Customer a taste of your Product. If the Customer likes what they receive with the Free Product, most likely they will buy an advanced version of your Product from you.

Also, you may have a guide that works on a downline for an affiliate program. By giving your Guide away for Free, you will only increase your income by others signing up under your affiliate links.

Listing a Free Product is the same as listing an Product for Sale. You simply insert 0.00 in the price when listing the Product. See Below for restrictions on Free Products.


Listing your Product for FREE is simple, effective and Easy.

You will simply need to Register to begin selling products. Simply go to our Registration Page and Sign up for an Account. It only takes 30 Seconds.

After you Register, simply Login to your account and go to "My Profile".

Here you can Add Products to Sell, Download any Products you have purchased, Request Payment for Products Sold, and Update your Profile Information.

When Uploading Product Photos, our system only accepts JPG images. The ideal size for the Thumbnail Image is 80 x 80px, and the ideal size for the Main image is 460 x 250px. Our system will automatically resize any images if they are not the ideal size.

WE ONLY ACCEPT ZIP FILES for Product Uploads. This is for both security reasons and for the ease of Downloading for the Product Purchasers.

You Must accept the Terms of Service and Reseller's agreement before you can Upload any products for Sale or as FREEBIES.s

All Products are reviewed and upon acceptance will be Posted within 24 hours, usually within a few hours. .

We DO NOT charge any Upfront Fees for Selling Products, we only take a small commission upon successful sales.

However, there is a $5.00 charge for each FREEBIE item Listed.

You must pay the $5.00 before the item will be approved and listed on the site. You can pay the FREEBIE listing fee using the link below:

Freebie Listing Fee

Downloading FREEBIES

Downloading Freebies is quick and easy. If you do not yet have an account, take 30 seconds and sign up. All Products marked FREE next to the Price are availiable for Download in your Profile. Under "My Profile" there is a an icon for Free Downloads. Simply Click the icon and all FREE downloads will be available..

Privacy Policy

We follow our own privacy policy to protect you and us from any legal issues, Read Here to see what that means.

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